Because WINE is Your Second Favorite Four-Letter Word.

Fuck. It’s just a word.
A humorous, conversational, everyday word
that sums up so many things in just four little letters.

Good Fucking Wine is an R-rated wine for mature audiences.
Relatable • Edgy • Unfiltered • Unpretentious • You

We don’t give a shit about prestige, but we care a whole lot about making
a really good fucking wine that’s affordable, enjoyable, and will blow you away.

There’s a time and a place for everything.
Now is the time for Good Fucking Wine.


No fancy food pairings needed here, just a really great red with everything from your favorite burger to a heaping bowl of spaghetti.


No one likes to drink alone! So don't. Invite a few friends over, pop open your new favorite red wine and get ready for a good time.


Good wine makes everything better and this is a really, really good wine. Take the wine, leave the pretentiousness at the door.

Get #GoodFuckingWines
Share photos of all your favorite Good Fucking Wine moments here or post on Instagram @Good_Fucking_Wines with hashtag #GoodFuckingWines.
@Blushingwino Glad you like the wine!
#nofilter needed when a wine is as Fucking Good as Ours @rachelthewino
When it's rainy outside, do yourself a favor and have Good Fucking Wine.... COCINACHENTE
you will love it too!
Our Very Own Gfw Princess
You must give us a try!
Lola Mayhew House Music Vibes
I had ordered GFW after being asked to be a co-host on a show that BIGTIME TOMMIE wasa guest of. I not only loved the wine it paired perfectly with our Blue Line cigar. Scott, Kim, Tommie and the whole GFW family are top notch!!
@Grboettger Carson City, Nevada
Hey There!! I came across Good Fucking Wine a few days ago and am totally obsessed!! The red blend was my favorite. I wanted to share this pic with you!
I love everything about this wine!
BIGTIME TOMMIE Limited Edition Signed Bottles
Some days you just need some GOOD FUCKING WINE! @winewithpaige
Wine does a body good! @danielle_cerasani
Star Power! Up close and personal with Mario Lopez and some Good Fucking Wine!
Fire Fucking Island NY
Lola Mayhew and Friends
Summer Body Goals by @fearlessashleyrad
There's a new Captain in town!

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