Our Story


(or, how some serious wine players created a Good Fucking California Wine with a whole lot of New York attitude)


Way back in 2019, we decided to come up with a wine that was long on taste, but short on bullshit. None of that "I'm detecting notes of leather in the finish" kind of talk, just really, really good wine, made with some of the best grapes from some of the most established vineyards in Lodi, California's wine-growing region.

Working with top wine makers, we blended and blended until we were blown away with the results: a Good Fucking approachable wine at a Good Fucking affordable price. Right then and there we chose our name and promised ourselves that whatever wines we produce will have to blow you away and impress the shit out of you in order to carry our brand name — because it's not just any old wine, it's Good Fucking Wine.

And, before you start thinking we're just some Johnny-come-lately hopping on the wine train, our team is comprised of real industry players, who know how to grow grapes, buy fruit, make wine, and sell wine. We know the jargon, we know the system, and we know what needs to be delivered to wine enthusiasts, lovers, geeks, and nerds that will make them coming back for more. 

We love wine, we drink wine, and we even have our own useful list of Wine Terms made simple, so you can impress the shit out of your friends and family:

Must- Freshly pressed juice containing skins, seeds, and stems.

(The Fucking Juice)

Tannin- Elements (from skins, seeds, and wood) that create a dry feeling in the mouth. Tannins can be bitter and complex and contribute to aging potential in wine. Red wines are generally more tannic than white wines due to their contact with skins and seeds during maceration

(The Fucking Texture)

Decant- The act of pouring wine into a separate container for the purpose of either a) separating older wine from sediment or b) aerating the wine to introduce oxygen; presence of oxygen will open up aromas and brings out flavors in the wine

(Fucking Swirl It)

Residual Sugar- Leftover sugar remaining in wine after fermentation stops.

(The Fucking Sweetness)

Wine Aroma - consisting of the odors of the grape juice itself, of the fermentation process, and, if relevant, of the oak barrels in which the wine was made or aged.

(The Fucking Smell)

We can go on and on but you get it…… Wine is all about what you like, what you appreciate and what makes you happy. 

Buckle up and give our wines a try. They deliver what you should expect. A Good Fucking Wine with NY attitude.