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evolution of the perfect birthday gift!

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Looking for a really great birthday gift idea? You’re not alone. Birthday gifts account for approximately 44% of the more than $131.3 billion dollars Americans spend each year on gifting. On top of those riveting statistics, Americans spend between $41 and $100 per gift when buying a birthday gift for a friend or relative.  

But, like everything else in the past year, birthdays are a little different these days…

How COVID19 has impacted how we celebrate birthdays!

Just like it has affected just about everything else we do, the global pandemic has had a huge impact on how birthdays are celebrated. Gone — for now at least — are the huge celebrations of friends and family members gathering to toast the birthday man or woman. And don’t even think about blowing out candles on a cake again… EVER. 

COVID19 has made us get more creative in how we do things. Imagine in 2019 if someone had said that you’d be celebrating your friend’s birthday with:

  • A drive-by celebration, where a caravan of friends and neighbors drive past the home of the birthday guy or gal, waving from a distance amid honking horns and homemade signs.
  • Virtual birthday parties: online events, where friends gather in little computer squared images to sing “happy birthday” in a socially-distanced approved way. 
  • Dropping by your friend’s home for an in-person “happy birthday,” done through a window or doorway, minus the hugs and kisses.
  • Gathering for an outdoor celebration and never getting closer than 6-feet from anyone in your group, while trying to understand what everyone is saying behind their protective face mask.

How buying birthday gifts has changed

Some of the most popular birthday gift ideas, namely experiences, have taken a real hit this year. Taking a friend out for dinner is difficult. A concert or theater ticket? Totally out of the question. So, as in-person experiences and shopping have changed, Americans have relied more and more on delivery services and shipped-direct gifts when it comes to buying birthday gifts.

Luckily, retailers have responded — including your local wine/spirits store. Just as you can get wine delivery in virtually every part of the country, you can also incorporate wine into your birthday gift shopping. Wine gift boxes say “happy birthday” and “cheers” in one thoughtful birthday gift. 

Which leads us to the absolute best wine gift box you’ll ever find

Have a Good Fucking Birthday Gift Box — the Perfect Birthday Gift for the Person Who has Everything!

When it comes to gifting wine for a birthday gift, there are wine gift boxes and then there’s this. Two bottles of wine, a matching gift box, and free shipping. But not just any wine bottles and not just any gift box. 

Good Fucking Wine: California Wine. New York Attitude.

You’re probably curious. With a label as memorable as this one, how can you not be? But Good Fucking Wine is way more than just a pretty name. Our team iscomprised of real industry players, who know how to grow grapes, buy fruit, make wine, and sell wine. We wanted to create a wine that was long on taste, but short on B.S. Really, really good wine, made with some of the best grapes, from some of the most established vineyards in California's wine-growing region.

Working with top wine makers, we blended and blended until we were blown away with the results: a Good Fucking approachable wine at a Good Fucking affordable price. Right then and there we chose our name and promised ourselves that whatever wines we produce will have to blow you away and impress the shit out of you in order to carry our brand name — because it's not just any wine, it's Good Fucking Wine.

Two boxed bottles your way. Two Red Blends. Two Rosé. Or one of each. Whichever you choose you can’t fucking go wrong. 

Have a Good Fucking Birthday Gift Box.

Sums things up nicely, don’t you think? It’s fun. It’s edgy. It’s the only box worthy of housing two bottles of Good Fucking Wine. And, if your friend is half as fun and cool as you are, they’re going to fucking love this!

Did we mention that shipping is FREE? Well it is. Perfect wine. Perfect wine gift box. Perfect birthday gift. Prepare for applause. 

Maybe, if you’re really lucky, they’ll save one of the bottles to share with you… when this pandemic is finally over, that is! 

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