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tired of flowers for mother’s day?
here’s a unique gift idea mom will love!

 4/14/2021 3:44:59 PM     By Kim Renta    What's New    Comments

Doesn’t your mom deserve a special day for all of the things she does for you every single day? Of course she does. But your mom doesn’t want a thank you for doing chores. She wants a day to sleep in, take a day off from cooking, and do whatever the fuck she wants. That day is known as Mother’s Day. 

The most popular gift for Moms is flowers. But we say, fuck the flowers — who wants to pay more for roses today than what they cost yesterday?

Besides, does mom really look forward to flowers that are going to wilt, die, and end up in that stinky, stagnant water that no one else in the house would ever think to change? Nope! My mom is so over flowers and yours is, too.

If your mom loves wine (and what mom doesn’t?), we have a gift suggestion with a touch more of an edge, and a guaranteed way to jump you to the top of the “Mom’s favorite kid” list. Of course, any old wine for Mother’s Day just won’t do. It should be a wine that’s as authentic and unique as she is. A wine with a sense of humor and a whole lot of fucking attitude. 

Good Fucking Wine for the World’s Best Fucking Mom! 

Good Fucking Wine Red Wine Blend - She’s bold and vibrant. Not the kind of woman who’s content to stay out of the spotlight (“No one puts baby in a corner.”) Unlike anyone else. 100% unforgettable. For her, a red with a whole lot of presence and attitude to spare — silky, velvety smooth, with not even a trace of bitterness or bite. Red wine perfection. 

Good Fucking Rosé - She loves flip flops and beach days, bonfires and bottomless brunches. She’s got an edge, but knows when to show it off, and when to keep it tucked away. For her, a classic rosé — light and refreshing, like summer in a glass. A heavenly rosé wine, with a devilish side. 

The Mixed Bouquet - When your special Mom is a little bit of each kind of woman — or you just can’t choose which one she’ll love the most — get her both! One red, one rosé, in our one-of-a-kind, beautifully decorated gift box. Get ready to be Mom’s fucking favorite! 


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