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why 2020 was tailor made for the f-word!

 9/17/2020 8:50:19 AM     By Kim Renta    What's New    Comments

Wild fires in Australia, murder hornets invading the United States, a global pandemic, and that was just in the first few months! Yes, 2020 is a year that none of us is likely to forget anytime soon. A year where many American's commutes changed from cars, trains, and buses, to rolling out of bed and into an improvised home office. Where yoga pants, sweatshirts, and tees became work appropriate, and ZOOM meetings took place in your PJs. Where "social distancing" became the new get-together standard, and the Quarantine 15 referred to the amount of pounds you packed on reaching for all those home cooked comfort foods and snacks that were always just steps away. 

It's been a year of extraordinary natural disasters, record-breaking business closures, and a presidential election season that can only be summed up as... well, odd. It's been such a crazy year, in fact, that when The Pentagon confirmed the existence of UFOs, the story barely got noticed! UFOs!!!

With parents trying to supervise virtual learning, national toilet paper shortages, and colorful face masks becoming the fashion statement of the season, it's no wonder that "WTF" and plain old "fuck" became as commonly heard as their tamer cousins "shit" and "damn.

It was only a matter of time before our collective sense of humors caught up with the macabre irony of such a truly bizarre year. And it has. It's colored our entertainment choices (hello, Tiger King), our grooming habits (or lack there of), even our adult beverage drinking habits — when does Happy Hour start? It starts NOW!

Enter this little beauty…Good Fucking Wine on table

Yes, you read that label correctly. Good Fucking Wine (without the censoring * or ubiquitous hyphen). It's a no-nonsense label with a wine that actually lives up to its name. A dark and fruity red blend from California that leads with Alicante Bouschet, a little known, old-style grape that holds the distinction of being one of only three grapes that are red both inside and out.  The result is a wine that’s full and ripe and pretty fucking amazing! 

But, this is not just some gimmicky wine with a funny name, but subpar wine inside. It’s made in Lodi, California, by a team of real wine industry pros, who live, breathe, and naturally, drink wine every single day.

“Working with top wine makers, we kept blending and experimenting until we were blown away with the results: a truly drinkable wine at a surprisingly affordable price. Right then and there we chose our name and promised ourselves that whatever wines we produce will have to blow you away in order to carry our brand name — because it's not just any wine, it's Good Fucking Wine.”

            - Scott Maybaum, The Good Fucking Wine Guy

Good Fucking Wine launched in March of this year and the rest, as they say, is wine history. Selling out in liquor stores, and online at, with the plan to have Good Fucking Wine available in every single state within a year. There’s even a rosé — Good Fucking Rosé — and fingers crossed maybe even a few other surprises before the year’s out. But not definitely, because you know, 2020 and everything!

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